When Colombia Bled by James David Henderson

By James David Henderson

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This ebook makes a speciality of the Colombian Violencia, the undeclared civil conflict among the Liberal and Conservative events that raged from the overdue Nineteen Forties to early Sixties. It provides the knowledge as a story history.


There is additionally an array of appendixes, maps, and photographs.

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In order to marry his eldest daughter well, he paid the governor of Santa Marta a doWIj' totaling 1,380 kilos of assayed silver and was said to have a similar fortune set aside for some other governor who might be interested in manying his second daughter. 10 The loss of the mines would have reduced Tolima to the status of just another supplier of animals and foodstuffs to the highlands had certain events not roiled provincial waters and involved Tolima in a series of far-reaching political events.

Born in Bogota in 1783} he lived there until concluding his fonnal education in 1809. He then traveled to Spain} where he fought against the Napoleonic armies and participated in the Cortes of Cadiz as an alternate representative from New Granada. Following the outbreak of revolution in Bogota} he returned with Vicente Bolivar} a brother of Sim6n} to join the revolt against Spain. Aiding the anny of Antonio Narifio when it marched through Tolima on its way south in 1813} Caicedo supplied it with food from his hacienda and filled its ranks with his slaves.

18 This provision was merely one of the early attacks on communal Indian landholdings that would in time open them to purchase or seizure by non-Indians. 19 Tolima's experiment with self-rule during and after the struggle against Spain was in large part a function of the breakdown at the national level of government. \Vhen regional rule proved to be insufficient, the people of Gran Tolima turned to the most elemental force for order available to them, the gamonal or caudillo. These leaders, whose power was based on landownership, military experience, or charismatic personality, singly and in combination, emerged all over Spanish America in the uncertain early days of national independence.

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