What the Odds Are: A-To-Z Guide on Everything You Hoped or by Les Krantz

By Les Krantz

A source booklet that's enjoyable, or a "fun truth" ebook that's necessary. this is often this kind of infrequent excitement. The ebook is geared up like a miniature encyclopedia, with alphabetized entries that search to debate the chances with regards to a undeniable subject, resembling marriage or embezzlement and quite a lot of different attention-grabbing subject matters.

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Styrax benzoin, benzoin tree Figs. 5. Ledum palustre, marsh tea Figs. 6. Erica filamentosa, cape heath Figs. 7. Campanula trachelium Figs. 8. Lobelia fulgens Figs. 9. Lactuca virosa, poison lettuce Figs. 10. Cynara scolymus, artichoke Figs. 11. Carthamus tinetorius, safflower Figs. 12. Serratula tinctoria, saw wort Figs. 13. Tanacetum vulgare, tansy PLATE 65. Fig. 1. Artemisia absinthum, wormwood. Figs. 2. Dipsacus fallonum, cardoon Figs. 3. Rubia tinctoria, madder Figs. 4. Coffea arabica, coffee Figs.

Südpol, South pole. Südlicher Continent, Southern continent. Südlicher Gürtel der beständigen Niederschläge, Southern zone of perpetual deposits. Südliche Hemisphäre, Southern Hemisphere. S. W. , N. O. , S. W. Monsoon from April to October, N. E. Monsoon from October to April. Thermometer steigt,—fällt, Thermometer rises, — falls. Turkei, Turkey. Vereinigte Staaten, United States. Wärme-Æquator, Equator of heat. Wendekreis des Krebses; — des Steinbocks, Tropic of Cancer; — of Capricorn. West Indien, The West Indies.

56. Rectangular prism Figs. 57, 58. Modified octahedrons Figs. 59, 60. Oblique six sided prism Figs. 61. Octahedron with half the edges truncated Figs. 62. Prism with half the basal edges truncated Figs. 63–65. Oblique rhomboidal prism Figs. 66. Oblique six sided prism Figs. 67. Double six sided pyramid Figs. 68. Pyramidal six sided prism Figs. 69. Modified rhombic octahedron Figs. 70. Regular six sided prism Figs. 71. Do. with truncated basal edges Figs. 72. Do. with truncated corners Figs. 73.

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