Venezuela by Richard A. Crooker

By Richard A. Crooker

Venezuela sits prominently alongside the Atlantic and Caribbean coasts of northern South the USA. Colombia is to the west, Brazil to the south, and Guyana to the east. Venezuela's overall zone, that's medium-sized by way of South American criteria, is approximately the mixed dimension of Texas and Oklahoma. it's approximately one-tenth the dimensions of Brazil (South Americas biggest nation) yet ten instances better than French Guiana (the continent's smallest country). Venezuela stretches from 1° to twelve° north range. with regards to the equator, it's a tropical country.Tucked inside of Venezuela's limitations are one of the most various normal landscapes of South the United States. in the course of a quick force south from the recent Caribbean coastline to within sight mountain crests, the tourist sees a kaleidoscope of vegetation, from cacti to pine timber and from rain forests to alpine grasses...

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As the east-facing shore closed in, he saw the Orinoco River emptying its shimmering brown waters into the sea. He recalled that the Bible says the Garden of Eden, birthplace of the human race, lies in a land facing east with four great rivers flowing from it. The scene Columbus saw before him was so beautiful that he pondered whether the Orinoco might C 30 Venezuela Through Time be one of the rivers of Eden. Columbus knew he had discovered a new continent from the size of the river (no mere island could produ ce a river so large ) .

He won in a landslide because he had the support of the impoverished majority. The MVR has enjoyed a huge plurality of seats in the National Ass em bly ever since. Chávez overs aw the cre a ti on of a new constitution in 1999, which called for a new election in 2000. 7 percent of the vote. THREE CRISES OF VENEZUELAN DEMOCRACY Venezuela has had an uninterrupted but shaky democracy ever since the military cast out General Marcos Pérez Jiménez in 1958. The people elected Rómulo Betancourt president, and he carried out his full term (1959–1964).

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