Ubiquitous Computing for Business: Find New Markets, Create by Bo Begole

By Bo Begole

Ubiquitous Computing ("UbiComp") is the following game-changing expertise. In Ubiquitous Computing for enterprise, PARC UbiComp pioneer Bo Begole exhibits you ways to effectively contain it into your items, providers, methods, and techniques. Begole introduces UbiComp's part applied sciences, completely illuminates its power influence, and demonstrates find out how to in achieving actual aggressive virtue with it.

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Endnotes 1Ralph Caplan, By Design: Why There Are No Locks on the Bathroom Doors in the Hotel Louis XIV, and Other Object Lessons (New York, St. Martin’s Press, 1982). 2A. Sellen and R. Harper, The Myth of the Paperless Office (Cambridge, MA, MIT Press, 2001). 3A long-term trend identified by Gordon Moore in which the number of transistors that can be inexpensively incorporated on a central processing unit has doubled approximately every two years since 1958. 4Mark Weiser, “The Computer for the 21st Century,” Scientific American 265 (1 September 1991): 94–104.

How This Book Is Organized The book consists of two parts. Chapters 2–5 provide background knowledge to identify technologies, general business opportunities, and threats related to Ubiquitous Computing. This part begins with some history, current trends, and future potentials. Chapters 6–11 provide methods to exploit business opportunities or counter threats. Included are case studies of recent examples of business germination in this field. The book concludes with Chapter 12, “Ubiquitous Business,” which includes an action plan to help you sketch out an approach for your business.

This structure is necessary so that a computer program, such as a billing system, can place the fields in the correct slots of a bill. However, more than 85–95% of the information that flows across our systems today does not preserve the field names of information because most information is formatted for human consumption. Because humans can easily parse an address label to learn what they want to know, preserving the structural metadata is not seen as necessary. After the field labels are stripped, computer systems have a hard time determining how to parse information into chunks.

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