Tibetan Tantric Manuscripts from Dunhuang (Brill's Tibetan by Jacob Dalton, Sam van Schaik

By Jacob Dalton, Sam van Schaik

This seriously listed descriptive catalogue offers an vital doorway into the Tibetan Dunhuang collections. Its ebook delivers to make attainable many additional reviews of those long-neglected treasures, specific these when it comes to the esoteric traditions of tantric Buddhism.

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It does correspond to the spell found in the canonical version, although as in Pelliot tibétain 49/4 the first half of the spell appears in Tibetan translation, rather than Sanskrit transliteration. See IOL Tib J 311/1 for a discussion of the other Dunhuang versions of the dhàra»ì sùtra and spell. 366, IOL Tib J 311/1, IOL Tib J 312/2, IOL Tib J 372/2, Pelliot tibétain 7/7, Pelliot tibétain 49/4, Pelliot tibétain 56/1, Pelliot tibétain 105/4, Pelliot tibétain 264, Meisezahl 1962. 1): gnyi zla nam mkar thogs pa my[e]d pa ltar spy[o]d/ catalogue 22 This fragment of a concertina follows from IOL Tib J 140: recto, while Pelliot tibétain 142: recto should be placed after this fragment.

Xxxiv introduction Plate 6. IOL Tib J 1364, Ritual implement featuring Vajrasattva © The British Library. 1): //kyis /yungsu gang ba’i rin po che /sna tshogs ’tsher ba’i /’di lta ste / Incomplete. Four folios from the dhàra»ì of Chinese origin (see Ueyama 1983b). 810). Folio three is reversed. 2. Thus folios 2, 3 and 1 form a consecutive sequence. 6. 810, Pelliot tibétain 21. 9 cm (Booklet) catalogue 2 1: Notes The cover of the booklet contains the inscription, upside down in the middle of the page: shes rab kyi pha rol tu phyin.

1): @// //’phags pa byang chub sems dpa’ spyan ras gzigs dbang phyug phyag stong spyan stong dang ldan This is the first folio of a dhàra»ì text devoted to Avalokite≤vara with a thousand eyes and a thousand arms. 369). According to the colophon of the canonical edition, this is a translation from the Chinese by the translator Chos grub (Ch. Facheng). A different translation of the same text, incomplete at the end, is to be found in Pelliot tibétain 420. Another Avalokite≤vara text which may be related to these is Pelliot tibétain 421.

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