The Woman Who Would Be Pharaoh: A Novel of Ancient Egypt by William Klein

By William Klein

Ranging from the flood plains of the Nile to the snow-covered passes of the Taurus Mountains, this old novel is determined in the tumultuous interval of the waning 18th Egyptian Dynasty, and follows Ankhesenamun, the newly widowed spouse of the murdered Tutankhamun. She principles over a courtroom rife with intrigues, assassins and bold sexual liaisons. dealing with a compelled marriage to her personal grandfather—who covets the throne for himself—Ankhesenamun desperately turns to her expensive good friend, the warrior and student Menkhara, for aid. She sends him on an very unlikely project to the land of the Hittites, and the court docket of the main feared ruler of the traditional global. His job is to convey one of many sons of this sworn enemy of Egypt to be Ankhesenamun's husband, hence saving her throne. This saga is without delay a portrait of a extraordinary queen keen to include in marriage her country’s historic foe to avoid wasting her crown, and a heartbreaking love tale that weaves background, secret, regicide, incest and a terrifying end right into a compelling story.

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Menkhara commanded. The color drained from Ankhesenpaaten’s face. She turned and jogged a few paces, then slowed to a quick walk. She looked back at Menkhara and then broke into a run. Menkhara waited behind the trunk of a thick sycamore. Ankhesenpaaten broke into the open field and headed for the Royal Road. One of the pursuers pointed then raced toward the princess. Menkhara started after them, hoping to cut them off before they reached the open field. He was close enough to see sweat glistening on the assassins’ chests as they ran.

But from the very beginning he had had no stomach for gathering evidence against Ankhesenpaaten, and regretted letting Simut talk him into it. For now, he was content to feed into her eyes, her youth. She was beautiful. “I came on foot,” he finally said. ” Menkhara tried to calm himself. If nothing else, he would not come off looking a fool. He breathed in and smiled. ” 7 Disguised in the purple-sleeved tunic of an Assyrian trader, Simut sat in his sedan chair outside the Inn of the Two Brothers.

The air was stifling, and he became more conscious than ever of the stink of boiled leeks. He felt sick and feared he would vomit. He remembered squirming in his chair. Finally, he felt Simut’s comforting hand upon his shoulder, signaling the end of T H E W O M A N W H O W O U L D B E P H A R A O H n 27 the long vigil. He’d never felt so grateful. But since then, counting five years with his fingers, two more Pharaohs had died: his uncle Petara whom the world knew as Akhenaten, and his older brother, Smenkhara.

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