The truth about Jesus. Is he a myth? by Mangasarian M M (Mangasar Mugurditch) 1859-1943

By Mangasarian M M (Mangasar Mugurditch) 1859-1943

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Instead of producing historical evidence or appealing to creditable documents, as one would to prove the existence of a Caesar or an Alexander, Justin Martyr draws upon pagan mythology in his reply to the critics of Christianity. All he seems to ask for is that Jesus be given a higher place among the divinities of the ancient world. To help their cause the Christian apolo- gists not infrequently also changed the sense of certain Old Testament passages to make them support the miraculous stories in the New Testament.

For instance, of castles in the air — dream, gorgeous and clothed with the azure hue of the skies. We fill the space about and over us with spirits, fairies, gods, and other invisible and airy beings. We covet the rainbow. Our We do not really begin to touch the firm ground until we have reached the j'^ears of discretion. reach out for the moon. I know there are those feet who wish they — always remain children, living in dreamland. But even if this were desirable, Evolution is our destiny; it is not possible.

Should the student, looking into Abra- ham of Lincoln's history, discover that no one his biographers when he knew positively just lived or where he was born, he would have reason to conclude that because of this uncertainty on the part of the bi- ographers, he must be more exacting than That he otherwise would have been. precisely are in our position. history great Of men course, of is there whose The Truth About Jesus 50 birthplaces or uncertain. But we birthdays we believe are equally istence, not because no one seems to exactly when and where they were because there is ex- their in know born, but overwhelming evidence cor- roborating the other reports about them, and which remove the susby the darkness hanging over their nativity.

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