The God Virus: How religion infects our lives and culture by Darrel W. Ray

By Darrel W. Ray

What makes faith so robust? How does it weave its manner into our political method? Why do humans think and stick to noticeable non secular charlatans? What makes humans profess deep religion while they act in ways in which betray that religion? What makes humans unaware of the irrationalities in their faith but basically see these of others? If those questions curiosity you, this booklet provides you with the instruments to appreciate faith and its energy in you, your loved ones and your tradition. For hundreds of thousands of years, faith has woven its approach via societies and other people as though it have been half and parcel to that society or individual. In huge degree it used to be left unexplained and unchallenged, it easily existed. those that tried to problem and divulge faith have been usually persecuted, excommunicated, avoided, or maybe finished. it may be deadly to give an explanation for that which the church, priest or imam acknowledged was once unexplainable. ahead of the germ, viral and parasite idea of sickness, physicians had no instruments to appreciate affliction and its propagation. clergymen advised humans disorder used to be as a result of the sin, devil, evil spirits, and so on. With the invention of microbial actors, scientists won new instruments to review the way it spreads. they can examine an infection techniques, immunity, epidemiology and lots more and plenty extra. all of sudden the poor illnesses of the prior have been comprehensible. The plagues of Europe, yellow fever, small pox, pneumonia, tuberculosis, syphilis, and so on. have been now faraway from the divine and put squarely within the flora and fauna. This ebook owes very much to Richard Dawkins idea of viruses of the brain, however it seeks to move a step extra to customize the concept that of faith as a plague and express how those innovative principles paintings in lifestyle. The paradigm can clarify the fundamentalism of your Uncle Ned, the sexual habit of a fallen mega church minister, the kid rearing practices of a Pentecostal neighbor, why 19 males flew planes into the realm alternate middle or what motivates a lady to blow herself up within the crowded markets of Baghdad. learn the way faith impacts sexuality for its personal reasons, how and why it protects pedofile clergymen and wayward ministers and the way it makes use of survivor guilt to propagate and impact and the way it will probably effect a person's IQ.

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He maintained that pleasure and health go together just as pain and disease; nor was it any more possible to dissociate pleasure from the healthy life than it was possible to dissociate heat from fire. Pleasure, he taught, is the ruling motive from the cradle to the grave. Even virtue is practiced for the sake of pleasure; the good life and the happy life go together just like sweetness and honey. He flouted the idea of Plato that the value of a virtue is diminished if accompanied by pleasure. " They Glory in Their Shame It was the sponsorship of pleasure that from the first drew upon Epicurus the imputation of shamelessness.

In either event, plenty or want, the man was equally master of himself, always under self-control. " It is not found in the Gospels. " The clue to the meaning is to be found in a famous saying of Epicurus, excerpted from a letter to a patron who was financing the studies of a lad Pytho35 ST. " This is a paradox and we must concentrate sharply to grasp it. " In other words, the adequacy of income varies with the desires; as the desires diminish the income may be said to increase. We must now concentrate again to read this meaning into Paul's words.

To be dishonest or untruthful was deemed unworthy of a student of natural phenomena; for a scientist to lie about his observations would be a sort of treason. " This is characteristic of Paul's use of sentiments taken from Epicurus: he changes the motivation; in this instance he substitutes loyalty to God for loyalty to Nature, whom Epicurus the scientist revered as the supreme teacher. Still other echoes of Epicurus may be delved out of this engaging paragraph, which amply deserves to be redeemed from its present obscurity.

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