The Bridesmaid Chronicles: First Date (The Bridesmaid by Karen Kendall

By Karen Kendall

New Jersey new cash meets Texas landed gentry while Julia Spinelli falls head over heels for Roman Sonntag. Their whirlwind courtship has their households in an uproar. In booklet one of many Bridesmaid Chronicles, meet Jersey woman Sydney Spinelli, who has her center set on preventing the marriage among her little sister and her Texan boyfriend of just one month! the one challenge is, her center is getting distraced by way of the groom's horny ally Alex.

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She'd punched him in the eye. Never mind that Chucky, after recovering from his shock, had then spanned her face with his ham hand and pushed her head into the lockers. She'd just kneed him in the balls, too. And then she, Sydney Spinelli, straight-A student, had gotten suspended from school for three days. At least Julia had snuck her a family-sized bag of nacho cheese-Doritos to keep her company. And she'd been able to watch all the soaps. Today Syd was an accountant and had curbed most of her tendencies toward violence.

Sydney tilted it and watched the red brown sludge crawl toward the neck of the jar. "I think I'll pass. " "You don't know what a chipotle is? A chipotle is a pepper. " Not men like you, either , she added silently. "You've heard the 'radioactive garbage' jokes. " He cocked his head. " "You didn't have to. It was written all over your face. Look, I'm just worried, okay? " Alex thought about it. "I don't have a sister. " She bit her lip. He would have been glad to do it for her. The thought surprised him vaguely, and he shifted on the lopsided old seat.

In fact I like it a lot. It's sweet, hot, tangy and spicy. " Just the way I like my women . Alex's eyes returned to her mouth again, and he half wished she'd left a drop of sauce there so he'd have an excuse to slick it away with his thumb. Hell, what was wrong with him? "I do believe that's a vote of confidence. " He took the jar from her and replaced the lid. " Sydney gestured at the motley flock in front of them. Alex chuckled. "He's not allowed to hurt them. " Sydney's confusion was evident.

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