Six months that changed the world : the Paris Peace by Margaret MacMillan, uncredited, Recorded Books

By Margaret MacMillan, uncredited, Recorded Books

For 6 months, the world's significant leaders-including Woodrow Wilson, president of the us, David Lloyd George, leading minister of significant Britain, and Georges Clemenceau, top minister of France-met to debate the peace settlements that have been to finish global conflict I. The Peace convention handled, between different issues, polishing off the Austro-Hungarian and Ottoman Empires, punishing Germany, growing Yugoslavia, Read more...

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Greece gave up its claims to eastern Thrace. There were no mandates or foreign spheres of influence over Turkey. LECTURE NINE Conclusion The peacemakers approached the Turkish settlement as though the Turks themselves had no say in it. They drew up the peace terms to suit themselves and their favorites, the Greeks. What they had not counted on was the force of Turkish nationalism and the leadership provided by Ataturk. They were to approach the Middle East in a similar spirit, but there, at least for a time, they did not have to deal with the same resistance.

He and Clemenceau hastily worked out a deal, which was confirmed at the San Remo Conference in 1920. France got Lebanon and Syria, Britain got Palestine and what became Iraq. The two countries also agreed to share the oil from Mosul. The New Middle East The settlement in the Middle East was made largely to suit Britain and France. The United States was withdrawing from involvement by the end of 1919 and Italy abandoned its claims. For the Arabs, 1920 was the year of disaster. Lebanon To protect the Christians in Lebanon and to keep Syria a manageable size, the French added Syrian territory to Lebanon.

The Japanese government feared that if it did make gains in Paris, it would face social and political unrest at home. Allied Attitudes While there was sympathy, especially among the Americans, for China, the Allies generally felt that Japan was the more important power in Asia. On the other hand, concern was growing about the spread of Japanese power in Asia and, for example, the activities of the Japanese in Siberia and China. The Shantung Issue Both China and Japan put in their claims for Shantung.

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