Shotgun Bride by Linda Lael Miller

By Linda Lael Miller

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The problem was, only two marriageable brothers were left, not counting Holt Cavanagh, of course, and there were six brides. So far, anyway. It seemed like every stage brought in another one. Mandy smiled, momentarily amused, but the smile faded when she looked up and saw Gig Curry standing on the other side of the window opening onto the street, staring at her through the steam-fogged glass. The look in his eyes was colder than the heart of a high-country winter, and he needed no words to convey his message: if she didn’t help him find Cree, he’d kill her for sure.

I’m Sister Amanda Rose,” she said with a little thrust of her chin. Kade leaned against the porch railing, a too dainty plate of his own in hand, and stabbed up a chunk of roast beef. “Like hell you are,” he said easily. She had backbone, he had to give her that. She wanted to run, he could tell by the way she stiffened, perched there on the edge of her seat, but she kept a tight hold on the reins. “Think what you like,” she said with a sniff. ” He chuckled, helped himself to another mouthful of food, and enjoyed chewing and swallowing before offering a reply.

He didn’t know, but something. A skiff of a snowfall began, riding a stinging wind and putting a seal on his glum mood. The Arizona Hotel was just ahead, spilling light from its windows, the new parts of it framed in with lumber but still skeletal, and Kade raised a hand to his beard as they approached, wishing he looked a mite more presentable. There was a good chance that Emmeline, their elder brother Rafe’s wife, would be there, since she was part owner, along with her spirited and unconventional mother, and Kade had a tender place for his sister-in-law.

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