Shiva-Sutra Vimarsini of Ksemaraja: A Study and Translation by P.T.Srinivasa Iyengar

By P.T.Srinivasa Iyengar

Sri Satguru courses Shiva-Sutra Vimarsini Of Ksemaraja: A learn And Translation (Sri Garib Dass Oriental)

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Which is wrongly regarded by all as the cognizer, is the sacrificial food which the great Yogis throw in the fire of consciousness; for when this wrong notion of the body is gone, they are always absorbed in pure consciousness. ” This means that the function of the body in subserving cognition should be put an end to. In Gita, too: “Others burn the functions of all sense-organs and the activities of prana in the fire of the yoga of self-control, illuminated by the light of knowledge” (iv. 27).

Devoted to the sport of creation and destruction of the universe. Kumara means to sport, according to the Dhatupatha of Panini (Kandvadi). (Another interpretation). Ku, the state of maya, the awakener of duality, marayati, chokes its manifestation; Kumari is one who has that characteristic. ) Kumari, a virgin, hence unfit to be an object of enjoyment; Uma manifests only as the enjoyer and not as an object of enjoyment. (Fourth interpretation). When Uma was a virgin she was not attached to anything and was always devoted to the worship of Maheshvara which is the means of union with Him; so, too, is the Yogi’s desire.

This knowledge has been but hinted at here. , by my Guru (Abhinavagupta). It is said in Siddhamrita: “The KundalinI who is of the nature of consciousness is the life of all the seed-letters. From her is born the three, called Dhruva (same as anuttara), Ichchha, Unme$a; then the letters from a, i, u, r, 1, up to visarga. From visarga, ka to ma fivefold, outer and inner, in the heart, is sound, in the cosmos. The bindu works from the heart to the head. Mantras without the letters a to ma are useless as the autumn cloud.

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