Reflection Electron Microscopy and Spectroscopy for Surface by Zhong Lin Wang

By Zhong Lin Wang

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A review of these notations has been given by Wood (1964). In some cases the mesh of the surface structure may be rotated with respect to the reference net. A shorthand notation for this case is £x£-R(/>o, where

The distribution of surface atoms can be conveniently described by two-dimensional crystallography (or surface crystallography). A general understanding of two-dimensional crystallography is essential for quantifying X-ray and electron diffraction data. However, it must be pointed out that the surface two-dimensional structure refers to the structure in the immediate vicinity of the two-dimensional plane. 1. izes the crystallinity of the solid surface, there are a few point and line symmetry operations that involve rotation and reflection within planes parallel to the surface.

8) explicitly means that the scattering amplitude under the single-scattering approximation is proportional to the Fourier transform of the scattering object potential. , V(r) = F(r), then Eq. 8) becomes 11 KINEMATICAL ELECTRON DIFFRACTION K 1-1 1. Atom Electron beam Figure LI Scattering of a plane wave by a single atom under the Born approximation. 2m0 f sm(2nur) . 1, and u = K—K0 with u = 2K0 sin #. The elastic scattering obeys the law of conservation of energy, or equivalently \K\2= \K0\2. From Eq.

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