Questions About God: The One Hundred Most Frequently Asked by S. Michael Houdmann

By S. Michael Houdmann

God welcomes questions. The Bible is filled with inquisitive characters with sturdy questions. From Abraham’s inquiry—“Will no longer the pass judgement on of all of the earth do right?”—to Mary’s wide-eyed, “How will this be?” God patiently solutions the questions of honest, looking hearts.

Questions are a part of the training approach, and a repeated previous testomony command is to hunt the Lord. those that inquire of Him are perpetually rewarded along with his knowledge. Jesus’ gracious promise says, “Ask and it'll receive to you” (Matthew 7:7).

As we open the Bible, we start a quest to understand the God who has printed Himself in its pages. what's God like? Does God love me? Why does He permit undesirable issues to occur? The solutions to those and plenty of different questions are there within the Bible, watching for us to discover them.

Got Questions Ministries has fielded many questions on God due to the fact 2002. 100 of these questions are compiled during this ebook, in addition to biblical solutions. All of those real-life questions come from those that need to know the reality approximately God, His nature, and His paintings on this planet. we are hoping you'll use this quantity as an reduction to understanding God a bit larger and loving Him more.

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How unsearchable his judgments, and his paths beyond tracing out! ‘Who has known the mind of the Lord? ’” (Romans 11:33–34). Question: How is the Trinity not tritheism? Answer: The doctrine of the Trinity is at the very center of the Christian faith. D. D. 381).

Although we know this to be untrue biblically, there is nothing wrong with it in theory. In other words, God could have created a sub-class of “gods,” but it just happens to be the case that He did not. If He had, these “gods” would be limited, created things—probably a lot like angels (Psalm 82). This does not hurt the case for monotheism, which does not say that there cannot be any other spirit beings—only that there cannot be more than one God. CHAPTER 2 QUESTIONS ABOUT WHERE GOD IS Contents Where is God?

I place my trust in You for salvation. Thank You for Your wonderful grace and forgiveness—the gift of eternal life! ” Have you made a decision to receive Jesus Christ as your Savior because of what you have read here? org. CHAPTER 1 QUESTIONS ABOUT GOD’S EXISTENCE Contents Does God exist? Is there evidence for the existence of God? Is there an argument for the existence of God? Is God real? How can I know for sure God is real? Who created God? Where did God come from? Can monotheism be proven? Question: Does God exist?

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