Opticks Or, a Treatise of the Reflections, Refractions, by Isaac Newton, Sir Isaac Newton

By Isaac Newton, Sir Isaac Newton

This ancient ebook could have a variety of typos and lacking textual content. buyers can obtain a loose scanned replica of the unique e-book (without typos) from the writer. no longer listed. now not illustrated. 1730 Excerpt: ...can be made up of them,) once I had blown any of them them I cover'd it with a transparent Glass, and via, that suggests its colors emerged in a truly normal order, like such a lot of concentrick earrings encompassing the head of the Bubble. and because the Bub ble grew thinner through the continuous subsiding of the Water, those earrings dilated flowly and overspread the total Bubble, descending so that it will the ground of it, the place they vanilh'd successively. within the suggest whereas, in any case the colors have been emerged on the best, there grew in thecenter of the earrings a small around black Spot, like that during the 1st statement, which constantly dilated it self until eventually it turned occasionally greater than £ or of an Inch in breadth ahead of the Bubble broke. first and foremost i assumed there were no mild mirrored from.the Water in that position, yet watching it extra apparently, I observed inside of it numerous smaller around Spots, which seemed a lot blacker and darker than the remainder, wherein I knew that there has been a few Reflexion on the different locations that have been no longer so darkish as these Spots. And by means of farther Tryal i discovered that i'll expense the pictures, of a few issues (as of a Candle or the sunlight) very faintly mirrored, not just from the nice black Spot, but in addition from the little darker Spots that have been inside it. in addition to the aforesaid colour'd earrings there could frequently look small Spots of colors, ascending and descending up and down the edges of the Bubble, as a consequence of a few Inequalities within the subsiding of the Water. and occasionally small black Spots generated on the fides may ascend ascend as much as the bigger black Spot on the best of the Bubble, and unite with it, Obs. 18. as the shades of those Bubbles have been extra prolonged and vigorous than robbery of the Air thinn'd among Glasses, and so less difficult to be distinguish'd,...

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About the aforelaid Paper, whofe two halfs were painted over with red and blue, and which was lliff like thin Paltboard, I lapped feveral times a flender thred of very black Silk, in fuch manner that the feveral rts of the thred might appear upon the Colours like fo many black Lines drawn over them, or like long and llender dark Shadows call: upon them. I might have drawn black Lines with a Pen, but the threds were fmaller and better defined. FG D DG ' • This Paper thus coloured and lined I fet againft a Wall perpendicularly to the Horizon, fo that one of the Colours might Hand to the right hand, and the other to the left.

Illuflration. In the twenty firft Figure, is the firft Prifm, B C its Bafe, B and C its equal that all : ABC [47 ] equal Angles at the Bafe, each of 4^ Degrees, a beam of the its re&ngular Vertex,- F Sun's Light let into a dark Room through a its hole F one third part of an Inch broad, a lefs Incidence on the Bafe of the Prifm, M A M MG more refraded Ray, MN refrafted Ray, MH a the beam of Light refleded from the Bafe, X Y the fecond Prifm by which this beam in pafling through it is refrafted, N t the lefs refraded Light of this beam, and N / the more When the firft Prifm refrafted part thereof.

Wards the feveral Points of the round Image were dilated and fpread by the Refradion of the firft Prifm, fo that they fliould not any longer go in fmgle Lines to fmgle Points, but that every Ray being fplit, fhattered, and changed from a Linear Ray to a Superficies of Rays diverging from the Point of Refradion, land lying in the Plane of the Angles of Incidence and Refradion, they fhould go in thofe Planes to fo many Lines reaching almoft from one end of DH Y ABC PT Y the Image PT to the other, and if that Image fliouid [30] fhould thence become oblong : thofe Rays and their feveral parts tending towards the feveral T Points of the Image P ought to be again diand fpread fideways by the tranfverfe Refradion of the fecond Prifm, fo as to compofe a four fquare Image, fuch as is reprefented at TT^.

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