Molecular Catalysts for Energy Conversion by Tatsuhiro Okada, Masao Kaneko

By Tatsuhiro Okada, Masao Kaneko

The position of molecular catalysts for strength conversion grows an increasing number of vital seeing that those have huge functions in gas cells, electrochemical sun cells, synthetic photo-syntheses, etc. an organization technique for his or her layout and alertness is awaited to deal with the expeditious resolution of the newest power and setting concerns. This ebook goals to supply the root of molecular catalysts worthwhile in power conversion and environmental safeguard, and to set up a style for effective processing, production and improvement. This publication could be important for those who are learning, studying or constructing molecular catalysts in power conversion systems.

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In acid solutions, ORR on noble metals is sensitive to the adsorbed oxygen coverage and formation of surface oxides. ORR activity on oxide-free Pt was higher than that on oxidized Pt electrodes [4]. 3RT/F, and (2) reaction order at constant potential for O2 was 1 and for H+ was 3/2 [29]. 8) which takes into account the repulsive interactions between adsorbed OH [30]. 3a) where vacant site reacts with O2 and H+ is written as follows [29]. 9) where ∆Gr and ∆Gp are the free energies of adsorption of O2 and O2 H, respectively.

In 1990s the number of literatures surged especially in the design of CO-tolerant metal or alloy catalysts for fuel cell applications. 12b) At least two types of Had are acknowledged, on-top H and hollow-site UPD H on the Pt crystal surfaces. Most of the literatures discuss the CO or anion adsorption to characterize the HOR on Pt electrodes. The tailor-made surface approach of the catalyst is the recent trend of researches, which looks for the good design of CO-tolerant anode catalysts after studying the facets of single crystals or sub-monolayer of second elements.

13) [138]) coordinating CN− and CO ligands within a sulfur-rich environment [49, 139, 140]. Although it is of difficulty to apply the hydrogenase enzyme to an artificial photosynthetic system involving O2 evolution since the enzyme is unstable against O2 , the model compounds of hydrogenase have been passively developed and elucidated via electrochemistry [138, 141–143], in order to gain insights into the relationship between structure and function, as well as the catalysis mechanism. NH [4Fe4S] S S S Fe OC NC S X S Fe C O X = OH2, H−, H2 CO X Ni Fe S S CN CN CN CO X = O2−, OH−, OH2, H− Fig.

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