Mind Only: A Philosophical and Doctrinal Analysis of the by Thomas E. Wood

By Thomas E. Wood

The Vijnanavadins have lengthy been characterised as believing in an absolute. Thomas wooden investigates the level to which this characterization is correct. via a close research of a few in their basic texts, Dr. wooden demonstrates that the Vijnanavadins have been in truth ambivalent and now and again inconsistent of their philosophical perspectives in this aspect.

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Emptiness is invested by the MV, and the Mahayana generally, with religious significance, and is equated with nirvliJJ,a, enlightenment, the true nature of things, or all of these simultaneously. All these are connected, not with the other dependent nature (paratantra) or the imagined nature (parikalpita), but with the perfected nature (parin~~panna ). 13 defines sunyatli in the following way: The essence or characteristic of sunya is the non-existence of duality and the existence of this non-existence.

It is natural to analyze these sentences grammatically in the following way. In (5) "the jar" is the grammatical subject of the sentence, and refers to an entity which possesses the property Blue. In (6) this property Blueness is itself referred to by the grammatical subject of the sentence, and this property is said to be beautiful. In (7) the property Beauty is made the grammatical subject of the sentence. It therefore corresponds grammatically to the first-order property Blue in (6), and in (7), therefore, it could be said that it is referred to as a second-order property.

The MV concludes that one must say that the mind itself is "not totally unreal," presumably because what is real about the mind is not the same thing as what is thought to be real about it. e. it may be said to be deceptive but it is not itself non-existent. Consider, for example, the rope-snake illusion - one of the most common examples in Indian epistemology. If a person is walking along in the dusk and takes a rope in the path to be a snake, then the snake as such is asat in the sense that it is unreal or nonexistent.

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