Latin Phrases & Quotations by Richard A. Branyon

By Richard A. Branyon

This compendium of 4,250 Latin words and quotations will make clear formerly encountered words and introduce a plethora of latest ones. it really is an easy-to-use resource publication that bridges the distance among the normal Latin dictionary and the varsity table dictionary, with its smattering of Latin expressions. Drawing from greater than thousand years of Western literature, Latin words & Quotations permits the reader to achieve the next point of appreciation of Western civilization, and a deeper feeling for the context within which a specific word is quoted. it really is an indispensible reference paintings for college kids, writers, public audio system and lawyers, or somebody attracted to the apropos and pithy quote. Appendices contain: a listing of the most important Latin writers and their works, a hundred and fifty commonest Latin words, and a hundred and fifty preferred Latin quotations.

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Deo, patriae, amicis deorum cibus est deos enim reliquos accepimus, Caesares dedimus dei fortioribus adsunt Deo volente (D. V) 60 LATIN PHRASES AND QUOTATIONS de pilo pendet it hangs by a hair; reaching a critical stage with ease; without difficulty de plano de praesenti deprendi miserum est for the present it is wretched to be detected from the depths; out of despair (Psalm 130) of one's own motion; spontaneously of things On the Nature of Things (Lucretius) a thing much desired or needed Longings (poem by Wordsworth) that which is designated a woman, beautiful above, with a fish's tail (Horace) it is sweet to relax at the proper time (Horace) disuse, no longer active the remainder is lacking De Profundis de proprio motu de rubus De Rerum Natura desideratum Desideria designatum desinit in piscem mulier formosa superne desipere in loco desuetudo desunt cetera desunt multa de te fabula narrator many things are lacking the story is told of you (Horace) de tempore in tempus detur aliquando otium quiesque fessis from time to time let ease and rest be sometimes granted to the weary (Seneca) detur digniori let it be given to the more worthy 61 LATIN PHRASES AND QUOTATIONS detur pulchriori Deum cole, regem serva let it be given to the fairer worship God and serve the king Deus avertat Deus det Deus est regit qui omnia God forbid God grant there is a God who rules all things God is the chief good Deus est summum bonum god from a machine; a person who intervenes to solve a problem at the last minute God steers the ship God is my light (motto of the Catholic University of America) may God have mercy (Psalm 67) deus ex machina Deus gubernat navem Deus lux Mea Deus misereatur Deus nobiscum, quis contra?

Circuitus verborum circulus in probando circulus in definiendo a circle in definition; vicious circle a vicious circle; a logical fallacy circulus vitiosus cito dispensetur cito enim arescit lacrima, praesertim in alienis malis let it be dispensed quickly a tear is quickly dried when shed for the misfortunes of others 44 LATIN PHRASES AND QUOTATIONS cito maturum, cito putridum soon ripe, soon rotten civilitas successit barbarum civilization succeeds barbarism (motto of Minnesota) civis Romanus sum I am a Roman citizen (Cicero) City of God (St.

Virgil) cur ante tubam tremor occupat artus? curia advisari vult a court of law the court wishes to be advised curia Domini the Lord's court curia 53 LATIN PHRASES AND QUOTATIONS the king's court painstaking spontaneity (Petronius) with the pen running on; an afterthought the courts of one's life; an academic resume the cart draws the ox the practice of the court is the law of the court course of honors leading to a high position meager stock of furniture (knowledge) in the custody of the law guardian a guardian of the curia regis curiosa felicitas currente calamo curriculum vitae currus bovem trahit cursus curiae est lex curiae cursus honorum curta supellex custodia legis custos custos morum mariners custos incorruptissimus custos rotularum an incorruptible guardian guardian of the rolls; justice of the peace glassful glassful of wine cyathus cyathus vinosus 54 D dabit deus his quoque finem dabit qui dedit God will bring an end to this (Virgil) he who has given once will give (again) da fidei quae fidei sunt give to faith that which belongs to faith give way to your betters (Terence) da locum melioribus damna minus consulta movent losses to which we are accustomed affect us less deeply (Juvenal) they condemn what they do not understand inheritance of damnation; ruinous legacy loss without injury, not subject to remedy damnant quod non intelligunt damnosa hereditas damnum absque injuria dante Deo dapes inemptae by the gift of God unbought feasts; homegrown produce dare pondus idonea fumo data et accepta fit only to give weight to smoke (Persius) things given and received; expenses and income following what is decreed by fate (Virgil) data fata secutus 55 LATIN PHRASES AND QUOTATIONS he gives, devotes, dedicates give and it shall be given unto you (Vulgate) give a penny to Belisarius the censures indulge the crows but harass the doves (Juvenal) I am Davus, not Oedipus (Terence) in equity in bribery to argue about the shadow of an ass (Disareli) from hearsay On the Good Life (St.

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