Karmapa: The Black Hat Lama of Tibet by Nik Douglas

By Nik Douglas

"The Karmapa existence tales inform of the unfold of mystic spirituality within the areas of Tibet, China, Mongolia, Nepal, Bhutan and Sikkim and likewise contain the traditional transmission from India."

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Who received the Clear Light teachings, a thunderbolt-sceptre (Dorje) and bell (Trilbu) which had belonged to Naropa, as well as a small double-drum (Damaru) and an oyster-shell libation cup. FOOTNOTES 33 Lama Drogmi was a disciple of Siddha Shantipa and from Siddha Dombhi Heruka he received the initiation of Heuajra. 34 Who initiated Marpa into the Gubyasamaja Tantra. 35 Who received Enlightenment through his dog, an emanation of Avalokitesbwara. 36 The Drong jug teachings are for entering the bodies of others.

Attaining the power of fixing his mind on anything whatsoever he returned to his teacher and remained with him for three more years. From Rechungpa, a disciple of J etsun Milarepa, he learnt the teachings of Naropa and Maitripa, the 'Six Doctrines' and others. As indicated by Gampopa he stayed in a cave at Ri Wo Che and there, in a vision, a woman said to him "Don't stay here! " TaKing this as a good sign he spent fourteen months practising the meditation of compassion 69 a and as a result gained complete control of the Inner Heat.

He had many fine disciples, one of the foremost of whom was Lama Drogmi, 31 the founder of the Sakyapa sect in Tibet. Siddha Shantipa passed away at the age of one hundred and eight years. (iii) SIDDHA MAITRIPA: A great teacher of the Lineage of Siddha Saraha. He influenced many of the important new teachers, especially Dipamkara Atisha (982-1054) and Marpa. He was also the teacher of Bodhibhadra. (iv) SHANTIBHADRA: A great Tantric teacher of Eastern India. (v) PITOPA: Who developed and expounded the Kalachakra Tantra.

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