Jurassic and Lowermost Cretaceous Dinflagellate Cyst by Riding J.B., Fedorova V.A., Ilyina V.I.

By Riding J.B., Fedorova V.A., Ilyina V.I.

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Jurassica jurassica longicomuta Kalyptea stegasta 2 , - Percentage of marine palynomorphs - '30, -W m W %+ RPJ7 N m 0 , l 4 4 RPJB RPJ9 \ N U , - E/\ W N L" m , I RPJIO I I 50 RPJ11 SAMPLE POINTS & NUMBERS (RP) DINOFLAGELLATECYST ZONE AASP CONTRIBUTIONS SERIES NUMBER 36 Text-Figure 20. The semi-quantitative stratigraphic distribution of dinoflagellate cysts from the Oxfordian strata of section 1, River Unzha, near Kostroma, central Russian Platform (locality 3 of Text-Figure 5). JURASSIC & CRETACEOUS DINOFLAGELLATE BIOSTRATIGRAPHY, RUSSIAN PLATFORM & NORTHERN SIBERIA 1 U P P E R JURASSIC SUBSYSTEM LOWER KIMMERIDGIAN a N "p P 07 P P cn P -1.

Leptodinium subtile was recognised in RP 31; this species was hitherto deemed to be confined to the Upper Jurassic (Riding and Thomas, 1992). Samples RP 29 and RP 28 are both Lower Oxfordian; these horizons proved relatively diverse, however the European zonal index Wanaea was not encountered (TextFigure 19). Many speaes have inceptions in the Lower Oxfordian, including Crussolia deflandrei, Crussolia perireticulata, Gonyaulacysta eisenackii and Gonyaulacysta jurassica subsp. 13). This genus typifies the early Oxfordian in western Europe (Riding and Thomas, 1997),and appears to be a typically Boreal genus.

12). Generally theassociationsare sunilar incomposition and proportions to counterparts fromnorthwest Europe. , Frotnea tornatilis, Gonyaulacysta jurassica subsp. adecta, Mendicodiniurn groenlandicum, Nannoceratopsis pellucida, Pareodinia ceratophora,Rhynchodiniopsis cladophora, Senfusidinium spp. 12). [email protected] aldovfensiswasrecognised in sample RP 22 and questionably in sample RP 23 (TextFigure 18). Ambonosphaera ? Poulsen and Riding (1992)gave the stratigraphic range of this species as Oxforhan to Volgian.

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