From Darkness to Light: Poems and Parables (The Collected by J. Krishnamurti

By J. Krishnamurti

A suite of poems and parables from the youth of J. Krishnamurti.

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Whither hath fled thy love, thy infinite understanding? I implore thee not to turn away from me, but to answer to my call. A profound silence reigns. The wind has ceased to play with the leaves. html (25 of 34) [27/04/2008 22:03:51] FROM DARKNESS TO LIGHT 'THE PATH' broods in deep thought. The shadows have deepened, there prevails a greater calm and greater cool; the green, tender grasses look on me with their small inquisitive eyes, debating in their little minds as to the cause of my unforeseen faltering, whispering to each other in encouragement at my plight.

And now Thou hast appeared Unto me. I carry Thee in my heart. html (2 of 20) [27/04/2008 22:04:02] FROM DARKNESS TO LIGHT 'THE IMMORTAL FRIEND' Calm, happy, Filling my world - - The embodiment of Truth. My heart is strong, My mind is concentrated, I am full of Thee. As the Eastern breeze That suddenly springs into being, And calms the weary world, So have I realized. I am the Truth, I am the Law, I am the Refuge, I am the Guide, The Companion and the Beloved. II Look where I may, Thou art there, Calm, happy, Filling my world - - The embodiment of Truth.

I swore there was no other tree, no other part to the sky - - That was the Truth. This prison no longer holds me, I flew away through the window. O friend, I behold every tree and the vast expanse of the limitless sky. Though I live in every single leaf and in every small patch of the vast blue sky, Though I live in every prison, looking out through every small casement - - Liberated am I. Lo! not a thing shall bind me - - This is the Truth. IV O world, Thou art seeking everywhere for Happiness.

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