Frailty modelling of testicular cancer incidence using by Moger T.A., Aalen O.O.

By Moger T.A., Aalen O.O.

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Put another way, Gain (S,A) is the information provided about the target attribute value, given the value of some other attribute A. The value of Gain(S,A) is the number of bits saved when encoding the target value of an arbitrary member of S, by knowing the value of attribute A. The process of selecting a new attribute and partitioning the training examples is now repeated for each non-terminal descendant node, this time using only the training examples associated with that node. Attributes that have been incorporated higher in the tree are excluded, so that any given attribute can appear at most once along any path through the tree.

More information about OLAP is discussed in Chapter 6. 8 ASSOCIATION RULES Association rule mining finds interesting associations and/or correlation relationships among large set of data items. Association rules show attributes value conditions that occur frequently together in a given dataset. A typical and widely-used example of association rule mining is Market Basket Analysis. Discovery of association rules are showing attribute-value conditions that occur frequently together in a given set of data.

Hot, mild, cold). 5 SLIQ SPRINT Kass Breimarn, et al. Quinlan Quinlan Agrawal, et al. Agrawal, et al. 7 Strengths and Weaknesses of Decision Tree Methods The 1. 2. 3. 4. strengths of decision tree methods Decision trees are able to generate understandable rules. Decision trees perform classification without requiring much computation. Decision trees are able to handle both continuous and categorical variables. Decision trees provide a clear indication of which fields are most important for prediction or classification.

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