Fondue by Lenny Rice, Brigid Callinan

By Lenny Rice, Brigid Callinan

No matter if it's the 1st direction or the whole menu, fondue is definitely the right get together foodstuff or informal corporation dinner: it offers an rapid topic; the little prep wanted is finished good upfront; and it's certain to create a leisurely, comfortable surroundings. From Northern California's wine and cheese nation comes Cowgirl Creamery's head cheesemonger Lenny Rice and culinary teacher Brigid Callinan with a suite of 50 fondue recipes combining the thrill of the seventies craze with the advanced tastes of eu tradition-all in a single fondue pot. You'll locate recipes for tried-and-true classics made with conventional in addition to artisanal cheeses, novel spin-offs on favourite flavors like pizza and French onion soup, and chocolate and caramel muffins that may maintain the tea lighting fixtures burning lengthy and vibrant. and will a melted pound of cheese or chocolate no longer be cause sufficient, you'll additionally locate deliciously artistic accompaniment and beverage pairing feedback bound to encourage a go back to blessedly basic and actual fondue.

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