Ferroelectric Memories by James F. Scott

By James F. Scott

Ferroelectric stories have replaced in 10 brief years from educational curiosities of the college learn labs to advertisement units in large-scale creation. this can be the 1st textual content on ferroelectric stories that's not simply an edited choice of papers by way of diverse authors. meant for utilized physicists, electric engineers, fabrics scientists and ceramists, it contains ferroelectric basics, in particular for skinny movies, circuit diagrams and processsing chapters, yet emphazises equipment physics. Breakdown mechanisms, switching kinetics and leakage present mechanisms have lengthly chapters dedicated to them. The ebook can be welcomed via learn scientists in and govt laboratories and in universities. It additionally includes seventy six difficulties for college students, making it fairly worthy as a textbook for fourth-year undergraduate or first-year graduate students.

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M. Rabe, Appl. Phys. Lett. (2000, in press)). The minimum measured critical thickness is ::; 4 nm in PbTi0 3 and agrees with a total energy calculation that carefully includes image forces in the metal electrodes. 0 P(z) 10 z Fig. 13. 18) in it and solving an Euler-Lagrange equation [41]. 00 Fig. 14. T o versus d from P(z) [41]. 19) where p+ and p- are the polarizations at the film surfaces, and 0 is an extrapolation length that describes how sharply curved P(z) is near the surfaces. 0 is a phenomenological term.

Is not independent of pulse width and generally decreases with increasing width. 2 i(t) Current Transients Current transient response is illustrated in Fig. 40. This is measured by measuring the displacement current dD I dt through a load resistor when the ferroelectric thin-film capacitor switches polarization. In order that the measured time not be limited by RC-time constant, it is necessary that the capacitor surface area be small (usually « 100 ~m2) and that load resistor be small (5 or 10 0).

0 -:> ...... 0- J 2 /J 1 Fig. 12. ANNNI model phase diagram für A 2 MX4 ferroelectrics [33] These ANNNI models represent the interaction of neighboring and nextnearest neighbor unit cells by fictitious exchange constants J and J', in analogy with magnetic models. 2). Such a phase diagram is shown [33] in Fig. 12 for the K2Se04/Rb2ZnCl4 family of A 2 BX4 ferroelectrics. Here temperature is plotted vertically, and the horizontal axis is the ratio h/ h of next-nearest neighbor exchange constant to nearest-neighbor 18 1.

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