Evolution of Religion by Bernard J. Verkamp

By Bernard J. Verkamp

The Evolution of faith: A re-evaluation makes an attempt to teach that whereas faith has developed like several different cultural entity, the method isn't really so simple as past "evolutionists" of faith have made it out to be.

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88. , 114. William James seemed to imply the same when he wrote: "We hear, in these days of scientific enlightenment, a great deal of discussion about the efficacy of prayer; and many reasons are given us why we should not pray, whilst others are given us why we should. But in all this very little is said of the reason why we do pray, which is simply that we cannot help praying. It seems probable that, in spite of all that 'science' may do to the contrary, men will continue to pray to the end of time, unless their mental nature changes in a manner which nothing we know should lead us to expect" Principles of Psychology, GB 53: 203.

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