Ethiopic Grammar (Ancient Language Resources) by August Dillmann

By August Dillmann

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Of the Abyssinian Semites from Southern Arabia, and to the active intercourse which they long maintained with it. , however, PRAETORIUS, 'Grammatik der Tigrinasprache\ Halle 1871, p. 2, Bern. , on the other hand, HAUPT, 'J. Am. Or. \ Vol. X I I I , p. , according to whose opinion Ethiopic, of all the Semitic languages, stands nearest to Assyrian. 2 — §3- 5 — n and S each into two separate sounds; in the structure of words and inflections—the frequent endings in a short vowel, the greater multiplicity of conjugational forms in the Yerb, and the fuller development of Quadriliteral and Multiliteral roots,—the Inner Plural or Collective formation in the Noun, the regular distinguishing of the Accusative, as also of the Indicative and Subjunctive in the Imperfect, the capability of attaching two Pronominal suffixes to one verb, and a host of other scattered and subordinate phenomena; in the vocabulary—an unmistakeable array of roots which are elsew here developed or preserved in Arabic only, and not in the more northerly Semitic languages.

C) Accusative of Relation or Limitation § 176. —Accusative of the Object Proper, with Verbs of various meaning (a—h) § 177. —Double Accusative [a—g). —Accusative after Reflexive Verbs, and after the Passives of Verbs which govern two Accusatives Accusative after Verbs of Being, Becoming &c § 178. —Suffix Pronoun used as a Secondary Accusative or a Dative of Special Reference P a g e § 174, § 179. (b) Subordination of Nouns and Pronouns by means of Prepositions § 180. 1. Second Verb determining (a) Kind and Manner, Circumstances or Time of the action of the First:— (a) By the two Verbs being set side by side without (D ({3} By the Verb of Principal Action being subordinated in the Acc.

Accad. dei Lincei Vol. V (Roma 1896) p. ] — 10 — 5. with a proof that the last-named language parted company in very early times with its sister languages of Southern Arabia. Thus it comes that we have not the means of acquainting ourselves with the condition of the Abyssinian national speech in times anterior to the conversion of the country to the Christian faith. And it is only from stray internal evidence, as for instance from the occasional appearance still, with the Noun, of the Suffix Pronoun of the 1 Pers.

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