Essays on Halakhah in the New Testament (Jewish and by Bernard S. Jackson

By Bernard S. Jackson

Those essays discover the Jewish history to primary matters within the New testomony letter and spirit, prophecy and legislations, forgiveness, the bills of Jesus trial(s), facts required for legal/theological claims, the shepherding pictures, disinheritance, and teachings on marriage and divorce.

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22:27, Lev. 24 or I Kings 21 (the accusation against Naboth, on which see further infra section 5); on its use elsewhere in the LXX, see Sanders 1990:58. Sanders 1990:57–67 has reviewed the issue, noting the wide range of the Greek root as seen also in Philo and Josephus, but hesitating to use this as evidence of a legal usage which would justify the synoptic trial accounts. He concludes that the case for blasphemy in Mark 2:1–12 is “extremely weak” (1990:63), and that “there is no obvious or straightforward instance of blasphemy in the Markan trial scene” (1990:65).

Sanh. T. Sanh. 56a this is extended to cover use of one of the divine attributes, but this was later regarded as giving rise only to Áogging. See esp. Cohn 1971:129–134, though also rejecting the false prophecy hypothesis. Various attempts have been made to explain the blasphemy charge. Derrett 1970:453–55 interprets killel as “defames”, “undervalues” (comparing Lev. 20:9), but it is not clear to me how, even if correct, this would assist the argument. ” For criticism, see Ball 1983:1007ff. A strained attempt has been made by Betz 1988:6–7 to explain the blasphemy charge in terms of 1st century interpretation.

Consider Àrst Sanh. 90a: R. Abbahu said in R. Jo˜anan’s name: in every matter (bakol ), if a prophet tells you to transgress (im yomar lekha avor) the commands of the Torah, obey him, with the exception of idolatry: should he even cause the sun to stand still in the middle of the heavens for you (as proof of divine inspiration), do not Hearken to him. Here a typical ot is mentioned as the means by which the prophet seeks to prove his authority over the law. But the case falls squarely within Deut.

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