Environmental factors affecting office worker performance : by Chartered Institute of Building Services Engineers

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He believed that the environment was crucial to meeting physiological and safety needs: a poor environment would inhibit people from reaching their higher-order needs, thus limiting their performance. In contrast, Herzberg believed that environmental (hygiene) factors ensure that people avoid pain, whereas the motivators help them to self-actualise. So good environmental conditions alone will not result in maximum performance and people may overlook environmental factors so long as these are adequate.

Several studies have shown that people conducting paper-based work and industrial work are more productive at high levels of illuminance (1000 lux) whereas VDU work requires lower levels (< 500 lux) in order to reduce glare, increase contrast and limit eye strain. 8%. Other studies revealed higher performance for VDU operators in rooms with up-lighting compared with down-lighting and rooms with down-lighting produced better performance under parabolic louvres compared with recessed lenses. Higher control over lighting results in increased satisfaction but there appears to be little evidence to show a benefit to performance.

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