Encyclopedia of Explosives and Related Items by Fedoroff T.B. et al.

By Fedoroff T.B. et al.

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Conceptualization itself is enlightenment. With the non-abiding wisdom all siddhis will be perfected. This text is found in several other Dunhuang manuscripts. Several stotras in the Bstan ’gyur have similar titles, but all are different from this text. 370) and in the Ldan dkar ma (Lalou 1939: 343). 95/V10, Pelliot tibétain 7/4. 1): @// //rgya gar skad du lo ka prad nya’/ catalogue 4 Title given in Tibetan and Sanskrit. The Tibetan transcription of the Sanskrit title is lo ka prad nya’, but the Sanskrit equivalent for lo rgyus given in the Mahàvyutpatti is prakriyà, not prajñà (see Sakaki 1916: 1445).

2), which after a brief homage inserts a dhàra»ì (om bha ga bAn A rA pA ra na /bI sho dha ya swA hA) and a syllable-by-syllable commentary on that dhàra»ì. 2) thams cad nam mkha’I mtshan nyId de/ /nam mkha’ la nI mtshan nyId myed/ /nam mkhar mtshan nyid sbyor bas na/ /kun mchog mnyam (54r) ba nyid rdzogs ’gyur Everything has the characteristics of the sky and the sky has no characteristics. Through the union of characteristics within the sky, all is perfected as equality. These four lines are discussed in the entry on IOL Tib J 437/2.

For a discussion of the other version of this text, see the entry to IOL Tib J 97. 121, IOL Tib J 96, IOL Tib J 97, IOL Tib J 99/2, IOL Tib J 100, IOL Tib J 101, IOL Tib J 102, IOL Tib J 103/3, IOL Tib J 134, IOL Tib J 307, Pelliot tibétain 53, Pelliot tibétain 54, Pelliot tibétain 98, Pelliot tibétain 604, Conze 1965. 3): @/ /snang ba’I sgo mdo tsam brtsams te/ /dbang po rtul po rnans la bslab pa’/ A Brief Introduction to the Gates of Appearances, an incomplete abhidharma-style discussion of various topics.

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