Encyclopaedia of Chess Openings, Volume C by Aleksandar Matanovic, Zdenko Krnic

By Aleksandar Matanovic, Zdenko Krnic

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O r 1 4 . J3d8 ! e3 0-0 13. lLld2 lLlb6= with the idea e6-e5; 12J3c1 b5 ! Wfxb3 0-0 15JUdl ib7gg 1l . . gxc4 0 - 0 13. �c5 After 13Jkl l3d8 (with the idea e6-e5) the position is equal. l3c2 , it deserves attention for Black to play 13 .. ib6 ! lLle5, then 14 . . l3d2? lLlxe5 16. +) 15 ... lLlc5 (16. f4? e5 ! +) 16 ... f4 hc5 18. gxc5 b6 19J3c3 l3ac8 (with the idea c6-c5) again with equality. 13 . . �xc5 ! I f 13 . lLld3 ! gxc5 (diagram) 14 . . gd8 ! After 14 . . l3c4 c5 16. ; In case of 14 .

TLlxe4 ic7, with a complicated and approximately equal position. ) 8 ... g6 ! (It is also good for Black to play 8 . . id6 ! e4 dxe4 10. 0-0 'lWe7!? 0-0 9 . . 'lWe7!? - This is the simplest reaction for Black and it prevents White's possibilities connected with a plan including b2-b4 (They are possible in case of 9 . . ) . e4, he can equalize in the sim­ plest fashion by playing 10 . . dxe4 ! (In case of 1O . . dxc4 11. hc4 ig7, there arise by transpo­ sition, complicated situations 6. tLlxe4 j,g7 and the prospects of both sides in this position are about equal, be­ cause after Black castles short, White can hardly prevent the standard pawn-advances e6-e5, or c6-c5.

D5 ! exd5 (13 . . 'fixd5+-) 14. b7 (14 . . ttJe5? 'fid6 'fie7 19. c7 and ... 65 Chapter 7 Moscow Variation Black's position is very difficult and probably defenceless. After 12 . . 1Ye2 �d8 The immediate move 13 . . dS ! White has excellent pros­ pects thanks to his lead in devel­ opment. In the game Razuvaev Dolmatov, USSR 1980, there fol­ lowed 14 . . ttJb6 (In case of 14 . . dxc6 bxc6 17 . id3 ! , White has a stable posi­ tional advantage, in view of the vulnerability of Black's c6-pawn ; after 14 .

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