Embedded controller hardware design by Ken Arnold

By Ken Arnold

Ken Arnold is an skilled embedded platforms dressmaker and president of HiTech apparatus, Inc., an embedded structures layout company situated in San Diego, California. He additionally teaches classes in embedded and software program layout on the collage of California-San Diego.

Gives the reader an built-in hardware/software method of embedded controller design
Stresses a "worst case" layout technique for the cruel environments during which embedded structures are usually used
Includes layout examples to make vital ideas come alive

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Different processors require different numbers of clock cycles to reset themselves, and the oscillator start-up time can vary widely depending on the frequency reference, voltage, capacitive loads, and other factors. If the processor reset is not long enough, the processor may behave in unpredictable ways, and it may not be apparent that the problem is due to an incomplete reset operation. In most cases, it's better to have a relatively long reset time constant, on the order of hundreds of milliseconds, to be sure that the processor has been completely reset.

Note that because the registers R0 through R7 are located in the data memory space, they may be addressed either by the register name or by their direct address location. Consider the instruction: M O V A, R3 This instruction takes the contents of register R3 and moves it (actually, the data is copied) to a register denoted by the letter "A", called the accumulator. The accumulator is the "working" register of the 8051, and is the register that is used in most all arithmetic and logical operations performed by the processor.

AB F AB F 000 000 01 1 01 1 The logic symbols in Figure 1-18 101 101 show the shapes and Boolean logic 111 110 functions for the most common gate configurations. The buffer device is a triangle--the symbol Inverter NAND NOR XNOR for an amplifier because it F=A F=AB F=A+B F =/1~3 amplifies the input signal, allowing A F AB F an increase in the number of loads 01 10 00 01 10 lil li that can be driven. Note that a 100 small circle, often referred to as a 110 "bubble," on an input or output Figure 1-18: Logic symbols, symbolic notation, terminal designates a logical inverand truth tables.

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