Ecological Houses by Viviana Guastalla

By Viviana Guastalla

As we search to minimize our footprint on the earth, our want for ecological housing grows. This source profiles the main leading edge eco-friendly dwellings on hand this day. With creative layout and clever program of expertise, those houses supply a potential strategy to meet our wishes now and for destiny generations. that includes an array of sizes and styles, such a lot of them are single-family abodes. this convenient sourcebook deals not only rules yet real plans for 32 green housing units.
- an essential resource of knowledge and ideas for sustainable housing
- vital for families and layout pros

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26 Every plan has been considered carefully, most several times. At first many were unintelligible but, as understanding grew, the number put aside diminished until most of those now remaining are simply too fragmentary to make any sense of. Ideally a catalogue should list all plans examined, with a summary interpretation of each. Space prohibits that but a full list of all those mentioned, with the source of each plan, is appended (pp. 340–59). How representative are they and what proportion do they form of the total number of villas at present known to have existed?

I would not be so scornful of some of these performances if Oelmann’s penetration and insight had remained confined to the comparatively obscure 1921 paper, but most emphatically they did not. For many years past no archaeologist concerned with villas anywhere can have failed to become aware of Mayen and, once the report is consulted (even via Grenier), the plans there reproduced from the earlier paper establish that Oelmann’s theoretical approach had that rare attribute, the power of prediction.

The existence of a seventeenthcentury kin-group thus implied was taken up a decade later to account for the presence in some farmyards in south-east Wales of two houses. 9 Now joint habitation by kin-groups in these two countries at so late a date had never been suspected by historians despite intensive research, nor even by genealogists working in Wales where family and descent have been studied as keenly as anywhere. If house plans can produce surprises of this kind in a period incomparably better documented than the Roman Empire at any time, their primacy as a source of social information ought to be accepted over the uncertain weight of literary evidence; and that is the line taken throughout this book.

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