Dwellers of Darkness (Darkness Series, Book 3) by Stacey Marie Brown

By Stacey Marie Brown

A few days suppose like years, yet in Ember Brycin’s case simply the other is correct. Em will be 22 now—if she have been human. She’s now not. She is a Dae—part Demon and half Fay—with a bit darkish Dweller thrown in to make her extra of a freak.

Life has develop into extra advanced for Ember due to the fact that strolling back from the Otherworld. in addition to being regularly hunted via the Seelie Queen, Ember is on the best of the Unseelie King’s checklist, after breaking her oath with him. nobody breaks a vow with the Unseelie King with out severe consequences.

Adding to Ember’s difficulties is a definite darkish Dweller whose temper has turn into violent and harsh. up to she’d wish to deny it, there's an indisputable connection among them. Eli is horny, lovely, and complicated as hell. She additionally understands he's preserving whatever again, whatever which may switch their dating forever.

But her difficulties cross well beyond him. because the pressure for conflict mounts among the Seelie and Unseelie (Light and Dark), the stress on the darkish Dweller’s compound escalates much more as they organize to acquire the Sword of Light—the in simple terms weapon capable of kill the Queen.

But is Ember the reply to the positioning of the sword? Is she the only to meet the prophecy? As traditional not anything is ever what it sort of feels.

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