Daoism, Meditation, and the Wonders of Serenity: From the by Stephen Eskildsen

By Stephen Eskildsen

An summary of Daoist texts on passive meditation from the Latter Han via Tang periods.

Stephen Eskildsen deals an outline of Daoist spiritual texts from the Latter Han (25–220) via Tang (618–907) classes, exploring passive meditation equipment and their expected results. those tools entailed watching the approaches that spread spontaneously inside brain and physique, instead of actively manipulating them by means of ability universal in medieval Daoist faith equivalent to visualization, invocations, and the swallowing of breath or saliva. during the ensuing deep serenity, it used to be claimed, you'll reach profound insights, adventure visions, suppose surges of important strength, triumph over thirst and starvation, be cured of illnesses, ascend the heavens, and achieve everlasting life.

While the texts mentioned persist with the legacy of Warring States interval Daoism akin to the Laozi to an important measure, in addition they draw upon medieval immortality tools and Buddhism. An figuring out of the passive meditation literature offers very important insights into the following improvement of Neidan, or inner Alchemy, meditation that emerged from the music interval onward.

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Volusianus v(ir) c(larissimus) ex pra/efectis tauroboliatus d(edit) d(edicavit). c. D. 370. 45. OSTIA AE 1948, no. 25; Atti della Pontificia Accademia Romana di Archeologia, Memorie VI, 6 (1946), 197. MarcaJrianus 1v(ir) c(larissimus) taur(oboliatus) 1M(atri) D(eum) d(edicavit). 46. LAVINIUM (Pratica) AE 1895, no. 120; EE IX, no. 587; Bullet. Comun. di Roma (1895),146. - - - ius Maxi - - 1 [sacerdos M(atris)] D(eum) M(agnae) I(deae) L(aurentium) L(avinatium) et - - -I [sac]erdotia taurob[olium] -/- it V IlIl III - -1- bres Aspro iteru[m et] J Aspro co(n)s(ulibus).

J ---- domusq(ue) divi/nae Colon (iae) Copiae Claud(iae) Aug(ustae) Lug(dunensium) / taurobolium fecit Q(uintus) Aquius Antonia/nus pontif(ex) perpetuus / ex vaticinatione Pusoni luliani archi/galli inchoatum XII Kal(endas) Mai(as) consum/matum VIllI Kal(endas) Mai(as) L(ucio) Eggio Marullo J Cn(aio) Papirio Aeliano co (n)s(ulibus) praeeunte Aelio / qastrenJs[eJ sacerdote, tibicine Albio / Verino. D. 20th-23rd April 184. 42 THE SOURCES 94. COLONIA IULIA PATERNA CLAUDIA NARBO MARTIUS (Narbonne) elL XII, 4321; Dessau, 4II9.

0,69; lata 0,25. elL XIII, 507; Dessau, 4122. M(atri) Deum / Iul(ia) Valentina / et Hygia Sil[aJnae (serva) / tauropolium fe/cerunt XV k(alendas) Nov (embres) / Pol(lione) et Apro co(n)s(ulibus) / sacerdote Zmin/thio Proculiani (liberto). D. I76. 107. LACTORA (Lectoure) Ara marmorea alta m. 0,74; lata 0,25; in latere dextro caput arietis; in latere sinistro caput bovis. elL XIII, 508. Sacrum / M(atri) M(agnae) / Ael(ia) Nice I tauropo/lium fe/cit hos/tis suis / sacerdot(e) Zmintio Procliani (liberto).

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