Curfewed Night by Basharat Peer

By Basharat Peer

Basharat Peer's robust memoir approximately transforming into up in war-torn Kashmir.

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Nirvana is not a remote state in the distant beyond, but can be attained now, on this side, in “ the visible order" (ditthe dhamme). 29 Hlnayana Buddhism is indebted for much of its vitality and its resilient power to the mystical element striving within it toward the Absolute, despite its theoretical negation of the Absolute. All mysticism, in keeping with its nature, maintains a relationship to ethics and metaphysics. Ample provision is made in Hlnayana for ethical preparation. The wise control of sense and sensual desire, which the Middle W ay between pleasure and mortification demands of its disciples, lays the Nirvana as the Goal of the Mystic Way ® 17 foundation for the higher ascent of the spirit.

Kegon). 20 This learned monk, as a Zen disciple devoted to the mystic way of illumination, regarded the Kegon doctrine as the highest expression of the Buddhatruth. This is evident in his many writings, especially in the Treatise on the Origin of M an, which is still used as an intro­ duction to Buddhist thought and studied eagerly in temples today. 21 During the Sung era the inner affinity of Zen to Kegon led to a complete assimilation of the latter by the Chinese Zen masters. The preference for the Avatamsaka Sutras and for Kegon metaphysics persists undiminished in Japan today.

35 All Mahayana sutras agree in the basic thesis that the su­ preme liberating knowledge of the ultimate truth cannot be ac­ quired without inner enlightenment. There is also considerable agreement among them regarding the metaphysical implica­ tions of the enlightened view. The Lankdvatdra Sutra at no point runs counter to the general tendency of the monistic and idealistic teaching of the Great Vehicle. The special interest of this sutra in the psychic aspects of the process of enlighten­ ment is evident in its preference for expressions which describe states and changes of the soul of the subject.

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