Cross, Crescent and Conversion: Studies on Medieval Spain by Simon Barton

By Simon Barton

This quantity is meant as a commemoration of the profession of Richard Fletcher and his notable contribution to our realizing of the medieval international. The seventeen papers incorporated right here, written by way of the various major students of this era, mirror the 3 major parts of Fletcher's scholarly endeavours: Church and society in medieval Spain; Christian-Muslim kin, either within the Iberian peninsula and additional afield;

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77–93. 6 Bede, Historia Ecclesiastica, praefatio, ed. and trans. Bertram Colgrave and R. A. B. Mynors, Bede: Ecclesiastical History of the English People (revised edition Oxford, 1991), pp. 2–5. 8, pp. 474–5. 8 Ibid. 19, pp. 200–3. 17, pp. 384–7. 20 roger collins and judith mcclure performed and churches consecrated, together with brief accounts of the origins of each holder of the archiepiscopal seat is very reminiscent of papal historiography. So, it could at least be speculated that the history Albinus and others in Canterbury hoped Bede would provide for them was something like their own version of the Liber Pontificalis, the markedly factual pontificate by pontificate house history of the bishops of Rome.

10, ed. and trans. H. B. Dewing (Cambridge MA and London, 1962), vol. 5, pp. 254–5. 20 (5:252–71). 63 E. A. Thompson, “Procopius on Brittia and Britannia,” Classical Quarterly 30 (1980), 498–507; also A. R. Burn, “Procopius and the Isle of Ghosts,” English Historical Review 70 (1955), pp. 258–61. 64 Tacitus, De Origine et Situ Germanorum 40, ed. J. G. C. Anderson (Oxford, 1938) unpaginated; The Anglo-Saxon Poetic Records III: The Exeter Book, ed. G. P. Krapp and E. van K. Dobbie (New York, 1936), p.

And trans. Bertram Colgrave (Cambridge, 1940) for the prose life; see also Michael Lapidge, “Bede’s Metrical Vita S. 6 These included details of episcopal chronology, suggesting they formed an important part of Canterbury’s record keeping. One example is the account of the election of Berhtwold as archbishop of Canterbury in Book V chapter 8: “He was elected to the bishopric in the year of our Lord 692, on 1st July, while Wihtred and Swaefheard were ruling in Kent. 8 This suggests that written lists of consecrations performed by each archbishop formed another feature of the information he received from Canterbury.

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