Creationism's Trojan Horse: The Wedge of Intelligent Design by Barbara Forrest, Paul R. Gross

By Barbara Forrest, Paul R. Gross

Forrest and Gross divulge the clinical failure, the non secular essence, and the political objectives of "intelligent design" creationism. They learn the movement's "Wedge Strategy," which has complicated and is succeeding via public relatives instead of via medical examine. examining the content material and personality of "intelligent layout theory," they spotlight its probability to public schooling and to the separation of church and country.

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In the Wedge Document, all the world’s evil is traced to “materialism”; and the most insidious of all the materialist forces, indeed the source of them all, is taken without hesitation to be “Darwinism,” along with such other science as might support it or call into question the accepted truths of religious doctrine. Sadly, the Wedge Document is not a joke. It is taken with utmost seriousness by its authors, and it is meant to encourage and cultivate the financial and political support needed to sustain an ambitious, expensive, and relentless attack on evolutionary science.

As mere animals or machines controlled by impersonal forces of biochemistry and environment. This materialistic conception of reality eventually infected virtually every area of our culture, from politics and economics to literature and art. This materialistic conception . . infected almost every area of Western thought and culture . . politics and law . . literature and personal mores. The center awards fellowships for original research, holds conferences, and briefs policymakers about the opportunities for life after materialism.

2. A theistic realist assumes that the universe and all its creatures were brought into existence for a purpose by God. Theistic realists expect this “fact” of creation to have empirical, observable consequences that are different from the consequences one would observe if the universe were the product of nonrational causes. . God always has the option of working through regular secondary mechanisms, and we observe such mechanisms frequently. 12 This superficially reasonable opposition between (what he defines as) naturalism and “theistic realism” became the hallmark of Johnson’s persuasive technique with legally, philosophically, and scientifically lay audiences.

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