Covenant Causality in Medieval Thought: Studies in by William J. Courtenay

By William J. Courtenay

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Furthermore the skull opening has long since become covered over with skin. The gap left by the historical atrophy of the pineal sense-organ is functional or organisational as well as physical. Its original functions and operations were concerned with monitoring changes in the external world (everything other than the set defined as being the organism). Actions were direct, in the sense that a chemical change initiated by a change in solar radiation on the surface of the pineal eye resulted in the chemical messages passing along the eye-stalk (or sheath) connecting it to the centre of the brain.

Remaining board members asked each other as they adjusted to Fred's absence. It was convenient to keep up the appearances of continuity, and certain advantages were gained by the pretence that Fred was 38 The Primal Eye still in his old job. If the new board got something wrong, "Fred" could be blamed. It was handy to retain Fred as a figure-head, a kind of corporate-identity. a nominal chairman who could mediate between rival claims of board members much as he had before, even though he was no longer there!

Dualism, Monism, And Beyond 32 The Primal Eye In this claim, the notion of a "hole" or "gap" is important, since a gap is both present and not present. that a gap is present is evident to any observer whenever the structure (I will discuss material and functional types of structure later) in question is incomplete gaps at the extremities or edges are perhaps less obvious than gaps in the centre of a body (when the gap tends to be a hole). One important point is that although it seems that it is possible to observe a hole, this is never the case.

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