Contemporary Nephrology: Volume 5 by Luis Reuss, Calvin U. Cotton (auth.), Saulo Klahr M.D.,

By Luis Reuss, Calvin U. Cotton (auth.), Saulo Klahr M.D., Shaul G. Massry M.D. (eds.)

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109 pointed out that the particle aggregates have distinct organization and occur in antidiuretic hormone-stimulated toad urinary bladder epithelium, but not in unstimulated preparations. Kachadorian and associates llO also showed that the area density of aggregates correlates well with the osmotic water perme ability , an observation that has been confirmed repeatedly (for review, see Wade lll ). 1I2 showed the appearance of aggregates in hormone-treated toad skin, nd Harmanci et al. 113 found them in mammalian collecting tubule.

78 the corresponding value was 17. The latter authors also performed an important validating experiment: They measured the value of Posl Pdw after treating the tissue with amphotericin B, whose effects on water and ion permeation have been well characterized in artificial membranes. 0 value found in lipid bilayers doped with amphotericin B. Interestingly, fixation of the frog urinary bladder epithelium with a low concentration of glutaraldehyde preserves the ADH-induced water permeability. 1. 81 The complications introduced by series resistances in assessments of P dw have also been recognized by investigators working on mammalian cortical collecting duct.

Filaments connect the ends and sides of the tubules to the cytoskeleton. It is possible that these connections play roles in both anchoring and motility of the tubules. 5 min. Maxima for both number of aggregates and osmotic water flow are reached in about 20 min. 124 In response to ADH WATER TRANSPORT ACROSS ADH-SENSITIVE EPITHELIA 21 stimulation, the tubules tilt upward, especially when they are located in the middle level of the apical region of the cell. The basal anchorage, via microfilaments, is retained during fusion.

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