Contemporary Nephrology: Volume 2 by James A. Schafer (auth.), Saulo Klahr M. D., Shaul G. Massry

By James A. Schafer (auth.), Saulo Klahr M. D., Shaul G. Massry M. D. (eds.)

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Frorn analysis of suspensions of cortical nephron segments, it has been estimated that the intraceIIuIar Na + concentration is Iow as in most other mammaIian tissues, approximately 10 to 20 meq/liter. 95 Recently, observations of intracellular K + concentrations have been made with microelectrode techniques in isolated proximal straight tubule segments using a newly developed liquid ion exchange resin. 96 It can be expected similar measurements of Na+ will be forthcoming in this and other regions of the nephron.

But, in the collecting segment, the Na + conductance dominates. These obsenatiollS point again to the importam:e of the specialized transport properties of the luminal membrane in determining the rate and direction of transcpithelial ion movements. By allowing for a luminalmembrane K + conductance, an epithelium that is otherwise identical tu the toad bladder is also made capable of net K + secretion. The presence of an apical membrane K + conductance also leads to diflerences in the transepithelial \oltage.

2. Effect of Aldosterone on Na,K-ATPase Aldosterone can

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