Contamination of Electronic Assemblies by Elissa M. Bumiller, David A. Douthit, Joan Pecht

By Elissa M. Bumiller, David A. Douthit, Joan Pecht

Michael Pecht, Elissa M. Bumiller, and Joan Pecht (all: U. of Maryland-College Park) and David A. Douthit (with a personal corporation) supply details for deciding on, mitigating, and coping with illness in digital units at levels starting from the manufacture of the glass fibers utilized in the laminates to the total meeting of the completed product. Their step by step method courses readers to the precise zone and recommend the fitting inquiries to ask. They write for layout strategy, reliability, process, and box engineers; caliber coverage managers and scholars; revenues representatives; technicians; construction staff; and security representatives.

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12). Poor drilling and thermal cycling often precipitate this degradation. Previous studies have shown the quantitative effect of these factors on the occurrence of electromigration [65-67]. Models have been presented that predict the operational lifetime, assuming an eventual failure mechanism of CFF [67, 68]. More recent experiments have shown that CFF can also occur in the presence of hollow fibers [69, 70]. The environmental considerations are the same, but in this case the path formation occurs within the fiber itself, instead of along the fiber/matrix interface.

If the substrate was inadequately prepared, then the hydrogen released during copper reduction can be trapped in the substrate holes at the interface with the deposited copper layer. The entrapped hydrogen causes out gassing problems and degradation of the plated hole [4]. The release of hydrogen is evident in the following reaction: CuSO4 + 2HCHO + 4NaOH = 2HCO2Na + 2H2O + Na2SO4 + H2 Acidic pretreatments and acidic catalysts used for metallization can attack the glass treatment agents and encourage metallization to “creep” along the glass fiber into the laminate.

The resin completely covers the glass fibers, but is not sufficiently thick to provide a smooth flat surface [72]. With permission from the Institute for Interconnecting and Packaging Electronic Circuits. 3). Pits can reduce the dielectric properties of the laminate, as well as allow for additional moisture to be absorbed into the surface. When the laminate is made into a substrate, conductor traces may be created within the voids; moisture will provide a conductive path leading to an electrical short.

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