Classics of Spiritual Philosophy and the Present by Vladimir Antonov

By Vladimir Antonov

This publication is a different number of wisdom at the international spiritual philosophy - from precedent days to offer day. It contains Tao Te Ching of Lao Tse, Bhagavad Gita of Krishna, Emerald pill of Hermes Trismegistus, Emerald drugs of Thoth-the-Atlantean, Golden Verses of Pythagoras, apocryphal Gospel of Philip, and plenty of extra. The texts are awarded in a contemporary efficient variation with clarifying commentaries. The reader can turn into familiar with the lessons of Jesus Christ and Buddha, with the basics of Quran and Sunna, with the idea that of Agni Yoga, with the non secular wisdom of local american citizens, with the lessons of latest Divine Messiahs: Sathya Sai Baba and Babaji from Haidakhan. One may even see that during all occasions God has been educating humans an identical, notwithstanding in a bit of varied phrases - looking on concrete cultural traditions and political occasions. He teaches us what He wishes us to be, what's the which means of our lives on this planet, and the way to achieve it.

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There is neither limit to Your Might nor measure to You Power! You include everything, since You are Everything! 11:41. If sometimes I inadvertently addressed You as my friend: “O Krishna! ”, I did this out of my emotions, being unaware of Your Greatness! 11:42. And if when resting, joking, playing, eating, or having fun, I did not show the due respect to You — being alone with You or with other friends — I beseech You: forgive me my sin, O Immeasurable! 11:43. The Father of the worlds and of everything moving or nonmoving!

And now You Yourself told Me the same. 10:14. I believe in the truth of everything said by You! Your Manifestations, O Blessed Lord, are comprehensible neither to gods nor to demons! 10:15. You alone know Yourself as the Atman of Atmans, as the Supreme Soul, as the Source of all creatures, as the Ruler of everything existing, as the Lord of gods, as the Master of the universe! 10:16. Tell me in full about Your Divine Glory, in which You abide pervading all the worlds! 10:17. How can I cognize You, O Yogi, by constant contemplation?

Ceaselessly casting away all vain activity with the help of buddhi yoga, learn to control yourself as a consciousness. Miserable are those who act only for the sake of getting a reward for their deeds! 2:50. The one who works with the consciousness is not subjected any more to good or bad karmic consequences of his activity. Therefore, devote yourself to yoga! Yoga is the art of action! 2:51. The wise devoted to work with the consciousness free themselves from the law of karma and from the necessity to incarnate again.

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