Classic Issues in Islamic Philosophy and Theology Today by Abbas Yazdani (auth.), Prof. A-T. Tymieniecka, Nazif

By Abbas Yazdani (auth.), Prof. A-T. Tymieniecka, Nazif Muhtaroglu (eds.)

This selection of reviews in vintage problems with Islamic theology and philosophy, authored basically by means of younger Islamic students, is directed to Islamic and Occidental readers alike. whereas the questions right here explored are vintage, those stories are certainly no longer narrowly interested by historic concerns or the delineation of the filiation of principles. quite they continue from the private quest of every of the authors, who're triggered through modern matters as they search to appreciate the outdated issues afresh. whereas appreciating the advantages of humanity’s sleek technological development, they keenly figure the relevance of inherited Islamic knowledge in addressing the issues that accompany that development. amazing conclusions end up one absorbs those reports. to start with, the deplored technological-pragmatic flip of today's civilization, which threatens to deconstruct the metaphysical middle of Islamic in addition to Christian proposal and to silence the search for fact, is loosening its grip. The common issues of humanity demand a revivified actual knowing of metaphysics, one to be enriched in the course of the evolution of humankind. Into this New Enlightenment, which shimmers and beckons, Islamic knowledge is now coming into and contributing.

Secondly, the hunt for renewed Islamic illumination of the perennial issues of human souls is manifested in our authors’ sharing their philosophical insights and issues of view throughout cultural borders in encounters with prior and current Occidental thinkers. This paintings renews the dear ties among Islamic and Western thinkers that have been shaped within the center a long time after which disrupted.

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Recall that the Design Thesis states that humans are created in accord with a design plan that is aimed at the production of true belief. 34 The Design Thesis is internal to the Islamic world-view, too. ” Here, the Qur’an seems to imply that God creates all things in a way that is in perfect accord with his purposes and plans, as well as the notion that each kind of thing that God creates displays a degree of perfection appropriate to its kind. Clearly, our cognitive faculties are not perfect without qualification because only God is absolutely perfect.

My first aim is to explain the core elements of Plantinga’s externalist religious epistemology, in particular, his standard and extended A/C models. I then articulate the version of Islamic externalism I have in mind and to show how it qualifies as a viable extension of the standard A/C model. Third, I consider the prospects of this version of Islamic externalism, focusing on how it suggests a successful response to the MVE defeater, and offer my overall conclusions. 1. P L A N T I N G A’ S E X T E R N A L I S T A C C O U N T O F WA R R A N T According to Plantinga, a belief is warranted if and only if it is internally and externally rational.

Al-Ghazali argues that after having had an appropriate awareness of God, one’s experience reveals that until then one had been living in a sort of dream state but is now awake to the reality of God. Moreover, the more that one “wakes up”, the more one becomes aware of and acquainted with the presence of God, which in turn only further awakens one to the spiritual reality of God. See W. Montgomery Watt’s The Faith and Practice of Al-Ghazali (Allen & Unwin LTD: London, 1952), a translation (with introduction and commentary) of al-Ghazali’s Deliverance from Error.

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