Christ and Culture by Klaas Schilder

By Klaas Schilder

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All life and death is now given to Him to be administered by Him, because they remain determined in their everlasting character by the judicially-constituent ransom of Himself in the “middle of history”. This way He administers eternal death as Christ's sentence-of-condemnation to those who have alienated themselves in their historical existence from His judicial verdict (“whereunto also they were appointed,” l Peter 2:8). Consequently through His Holy Spirit 46 Klaas Schilder (Who actively propels the “middle of history” towards the “end”), He is coming to do two things.

Also the arts were greatly influenced by Hellenism. Christ and Culture 35 For example. music. Just as for the “sacred” cult-activities the Hebrew language obstinately maintained itself while Greek made itself felt in matters of culture, so Jewish music continued to be binding for the liturgist for use in the temple cult, but outside it the “free” Hellenistic music fought against the Israelite style for predominance in profane cultural use. Architecture showed the influence of several cultural phases but in particular of the Hellenistic one and more and more lacked a character of its own.

Christ and Culture 18. ” This has indeed repeatedly been claimed. Taking the point of view of experience and at the same time making a “guided” effort to take biblical data into account, one then reasoned as follows: Because of the dreadful character of sin and guilt we, men, would have deserved to descend into hell immediately after the Fall. Such a descent, cutting off all development would have served us right. Yet we see before our eyes that the world has continued to exist after the Fall for thousands of years and that the potentialities given in the cosmos are being developed as yet.

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