Building-Integrated Solar Energy Systems by Robert E. Parkin

By Robert E. Parkin

В будущем, благодаря новым разработкам, которые должны привести к снижению затрат и повышению эффективности, солнечные технологии будут иметь гораздо большее значение, нежели сейчас. Все больше и больше появляется зарядных устройств на солнечных батареях для мобильной техники, что на самом деле очень удобно. По всему миру все больше и больше архитекторов при строительстве используют активные и пассивные солнечные системы и учатся включить их в строительные конструкции. В некоторых местностях, с экономической точки зрения, солнечные системы горячего водоснабжения могут конкурировать с обычными системами.

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Of this total, the United States produces about 80 GW, about 12% of the nation’s consumption. The energy remaining in the outflow water is minimal. The quantity ρgh is the potential energy of the water per unit volume, where π is the density of water, g is the acceleration due to gravity, and h is the head of water. html]. At the other end of the scale, Africa produces little hydroelectric power, but it has the potential for the greatest expansion [op cit]. Contrast this with biofuels that burn a source that has captured carbon in the recent past (a few months to a number of years) and emit an equal amount of carbon in the form of CO2, or fossil fuels that take a stable substance that has lain inert over geological time and is burned to produce CO2 and other pollutants.

The subroutine starts with the statement function out = funcname(x) where funcname is chosen by the user, x is the control variable, and ends with the statement out=yy where the answer the user wants is in yy. Notice that the left-hand side of the equation has the same variable that appears on the right-hand side in the statement yy= (yy+x/yy)/2; this is standard practice in MATLAB. What is covered here will suffice, barely, for those who wish to follow the MATLAB files used in preparing this manuscript.

When winds blow, waves are created, so waves are a double indirect form of solar energy. Wind causes ocean waves, which contain enormous amounts of energy, and there are many schemes for capturing that energy but very little has been captured to date. Tidal power is not the result of solar energy; it is caused by gravitational pulls of the Moon and to a lesser extent the Sun. 12. Close to the equator, between latitudes ±5° the heated air rises; as far as a navigator can tell there is little or no wind, and these latitudes are known as the doldrums.

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