BUILDING birdhouses by Коллектив авторов

By Коллектив авторов

В этой книге вы найдете огромное количество разнообразных проектов скворечников,от необычных (гитара,маяк и др.) до классических (домики) и роскошных(замки,пентхаусы).Почти для всех скворечников представлены пошаговые руководства по сборке и украшению домиков.Книга подходит как профессиональным мастерам по дереву,так и для проведения досуга родителей с детьми.Более 25 проектов.Перевод не требуется.

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4 3 Enclosures for emergency egress are hardened to limit the extent of debris that might otherwise impede safe passage and reduce the flow of evacuees. 4 4 Facility structure and exterior walls are designed to resist actual blast loads based on risk and blast assessments. 4 5 There is less than a 40% fenestration opening per structural bay. 4 6 Nonbearing masonry walls are reinforced. 4 7 Nonwindow openings have been designed to the level of protection required for exterior walls. 4 8 Security glazing meets the requirements of ASTM F1233 (1998) or UL 972 (2002).

Values of α ij ACHIEVEMENT (expressed in %); α ij ADVANCE (expressed in %); and the number of required countermeasures for the four countermeasure levels, the different building classifications, and the different building security ratings. One of the advantages of this process is that it systematically ensures that basic countermeasures in the lower security rating categories are not bypassed when attempting to achieve a higher security rating category. 5 BONUS POINTS At the end of each rating category, there is a provision for awarding bonus points.

It is used in evaluating the adequacy of the security of the building within a particular security level. 0. 0. 0, a lower security status is approached. ) situations for a countermeasure. 4 REQUIRED COUNTERMEASURES Several countermeasures in each level are required. A required countermeasure is an essential countermeasure that must be implemented to pass that level. Required countermeasures do not have assigned weights; thus, they do not contribute to the computations in Eqs. (3-1)–(3-5). However, if the building fails to satisfy any required countermeasure, the building will not pass that level; this makes any computation of a security score irrelevant.

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