Buddhist Civilization in Tibet by Tulku Thondup Rinpoche

By Tulku Thondup Rinpoche

Written via a famous student of the Nyingma institution of Tibetan Buddhism, it is a survey of Buddhism in Tibet, and an account of the doctrine and background of the 4 significant Buddhist colleges of Tibet - Nyingma, Kagyd, Sakya, and Gelug, with lists in their significant monastic associations. an outline of Tibetan literature is additionally supplied, with a precis of either the secualr and spiritual literature of Tibet, and specific emphasis at the scope of literary works of the 4 significant Buddhist faculties. a useful reference publication, BUDDHIST CIVILIZATION IN TIBET is exclusive in that it offers an entire diversity of knowledge on Tibetan faith and literature, with huge scholarly facts, in one compact quantity.

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The tradition he founded is known as Med-Druk. c) The Tod-Druk (sTod-a’Brug) — Upper Druk-Pa Kagyud: This sub school was founded by God-Tsang-Pa Gon-Po Dor-Je (rGod-Tshang-Pa mGon-Po rDo-rJe) who was also an important disciple of Tsang-Pa GyaRe. He was very highly realized, led a simple and austere life and had many disciples. His main disciples were O-Gyen-Pa (O-rGyan-Pa), Yang-Gon-Pa (Yang-dGon-Pa), Chil-Kar-Pa (sPyil-dKar-Pa) and Ne-RingPa. Ba-Ra-Wa Gyal-Tshen Pal-Zang (a’Ba’-Ra-Ba rGyal-mTshan dPalbZang) (1255-1343) was one of the greatest scholars of this lineage.

A quotation from one of the ancient tantras (TshulgSum-sGron-Me) gives a brief indication of the meaning of the Tantric Path: The aim is the same, but there is no delusion, There are many skillful means and no difficulties, It is for people o f sharp intellect; Hence, the Tantrayana is supreme. The goal o f all the yanas is the same — enlightenment or Buddhahood — but the way of practice is different. In the lower yanas, one attempts to avoid defilement or uses various means as antidotes against defile­ ment.

The latter went to Bhutan and became both the spiritual and temporal head of the country. Eventually this school became very powerful in Bhutan and in the Tibetan and Bhutanese languages Bhutan is known as “Druk” (a'Brug) or country of the dragon. ). b) The Med-Drufc(sMad-a’Brug) — Lower Druk-Pa Kagyud: This sub school was founded by Lo-Re-Pa Dar-Ma Wang-Chug (Lo-Ras-Pa Dar-Ma dBang-Phyug) who was a disciple o f Tsang-Pa Gya-Re. He lived a very humble and strictly disciplined life. He built the Wu-Ri (dBu-Ri) and Senge-Ri monasteries.

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