Buddhist Backgrounds of the Burmese Revolution by Manuel Sarkisyanz

By Manuel Sarkisyanz

Softcover booklet from 1965, mostly in accordance with box study in Burma subsidized through the Guggenheim origin of long island (1959). The authors quandary is with cultural backgrounds of Burmese socialism instead of with information of political technique and association. the best way Burmas rulers have conscripted Buddhist suggestion and teachings inside of a central authority framework is roofed.

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1300-1400," in: JBRS, XLII, ii (December, 1959), p. 130. 7 Shway Yoe, The Burman, his lile and notions (London, 1896), p. 96. 8 F. Trager (Editor), Burma, Human Relation Area Files INew Haven, 1956, unpublished), pp. 247f. BUDDHIST TRADITIONS OF BURMA'S HISTORY 5 Fonnidable geographical barriers separating Bunna from its major neighbors, India and China, contributed to this consciousness of exclusiveness and to an emphasis on the uniqueness of Bunna's pristine Buddhist tradition. According to the Suttavaddhamaniti, life in a "foreign country" was to be the first obstacle to the hearing of the True Law.

Though majority vote in general decided the dispute, the binding force of this majority principle was not recognized in all cases: "There are ten cases, 0 Bhikkhus, in which the taking of votes is invalid .... When the taker of votes knows that those whose opinions are not in accordance with the Law will be in the majority ... , when... voting may result in a schism in the Samgha .... and when they do not vote in accordance with the view [which they really hold]": Chullavagga, IV, 10, in: SBE, Vol.

51. 2 "Memoirs of a Retired Police Officer," in: The Guardian (Rangoon, Burma), VIII, No. 12 (December, 1961), p. 30. CHAPTER II BUDDHIST TRADITIONS ABOUT A PERFECT SOCIETY, ITS DECLINE AND THE ORIGIN OF THE STATE In Buddhist perspective, history deve10ps in cyc1ica1 sequence. To the beginning of the present W orld Age Buddhist tradition attributes a blissfu1 state of perfect society before human beings had fallen into the Illusion of the Self and thereby lost their original perfection. This was thought to have caused the soda1 imperfections that 1egis1ation was meant to remedy.

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