Body, Soul and Cyberspace in Contemporary Science Fiction by S. Magerstädt

By S. Magerstädt

Physique, Soul and our on-line world explores how contemporary science-fiction cinema solutions questions on physique and soul, virtuality, and spirituality within the electronic age through linking cinematic topics with spiritual, philosophical and moral suggestions.

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2). She calls it ‘signal transduction from this root to the root of the tree next to it’ and so forth across the forest. Later in the film Augustine emphasizes the point again ‘as she tries to get the villains to recognize the enormity of their attack’ and her notion of an accessible network from which the Na’vi can download information reveals ‘the intensity of the technological dream underpinning the Pandoran utopia’ (Cubitt, 2012, p. 233). This connection with a natural network is not only a convenient tool to control and communicate with the environment, but, more importantly, it is also part of what sustains the memories of the ancestors as well as their individual lives.

On first sight Aeon Flux presents us with a beautiful utopia that increasingly becomes a dystopian scenario. 0006 38 Body, Soul and Cyberspace form. Moreover, in this film humans have been the ones ‘losing out’ to nature. The film states at the beginning that outside of Bregna, the last remaining city, ‘nature has retaken the Earth’. I argue that, eventually, the film embraces nature as wilderness in contrast to a domesticated form of nature even though it is positioned as threat at the beginning of the film.

215). In contrast, Bartlett and Byers (2003, p. 40) claim that the ‘story of The Matrix ... is basically the story of an interregnum coming to a predestined end with the (re)appearance of the messiah, the real central figure of history. ’ However, what the authors overlook is that the final solution to the film is not the destruction of the Matrix, but merely the destruction of one malign component of it, which leads to a truce between humans and machines and the reinstatement of an arguably more benign Matrix from which people are ‘allowed to escape’ should they wish to do so.

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