Biothermodynamics : The Role of Thermodynamics in by Urs von Stockar, Luuk A. M. van der Wielen

By Urs von Stockar, Luuk A. M. van der Wielen

This booklet covers the basics of the swiftly growing to be box of biothermodynamics, exhibiting how thermodynamics can top be utilized to functions and approaches in biochemical engineering. It describes the rigorous program of thermodynamics in biochemical engineering to rationalize bioprocess improvement and obviate a considerable fraction of this want for tedious experimental paintings. As such, this e-book will attract a various team of readers, starting from scholars and professors in biochemical engineering, to scientists and engineers, for whom will probably be a important reference.

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8, three important conclusions can be drawn: • charge is an inherently non-ideal quantity; • non-idealities resulting from the introduction of charged species, i, possess both an electrostatic (zi F ψi) and a non-electrostatic component (µiE ) where it will be shown later that the first is due to “long-range” interactions whereas the second is due to “short-range” interactions; and  iE is directly proportional to valence zi. • the contribution of ion charge on µ Thus, species with a higher valence tend to show stronger deviations from ideality.

1) is especially well developed, its use ought to be encouraged as much as possible. Although scarcely applied in practice, the subarea of thermodynamics of live cells based on black-box models (Fig. 1) is also expected to enhance bioprocess research and development, particularly for predicting culture performances, for understanding the driving forces for cellular growth, and for developing, monitoring and controlling cellular cultures. Finally, there is no question that thermodynamic analysis of cellular metabolism (Fig.

1968, 109, 569-576. 2] Haynes, C. , Benitez, F. , Blanch, H. , Prausntiz, J. , Application of Integralequation Theory to Aqueous Two-phase Partitioning Systems. AIChE J. 1993, 39, 1539-1557. 3] Haynes, C. , Beynon, R. , King, R. , Blanch, H. , Prausnitz, J. , Thermodynamic Properties of Aqueous Polymer Solutions: Poly(ethyelene glycol)/Dextran. J. Phys. Chem. 1989, 93, 5612-5617. 4] King, R. , Blanch, H. , Prausnitz, J. , Molecular Thermodynamics of Aqueous Two-phase Systems for Bioseparations.

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